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"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."


My forte is about revealing different perspectives!

Transformation can be made with a change of perspective!

You attract what you are energeticaly aligned with, if you focus on not having love that will be what you attract; but if you focus on seeing that love, saying loving things, doing loving gestures, being love than you will have it because you are aligned to it.

De Light Full Deborah

Love connections, karmic relationships

I have a knack for illuminating family or any relationship dynamic so they can be healed with love!

The cards can shed light on emotional or mental triggers and give insight on how to disengage from them.

If you are having issues with spouses, lovers, children, friends, family and co-workers...

Discovering what might be troubling them, and learning to communicate more effectively is one of my favorite themes that I find quite rewarding.

The cards and my empathic intuitive and clairvoyant gifts can help reveal how a person perceives love, motivation factors and learning strategies, are all insightful to better understand them.

With understanding it is easier to shift the way you communicate with them, by how you approach them so not to be met with resistance and rejection which can lead to cultivating new techniques to better relate with each other.

What makes a person tick, or how they tick can reveal how to bring out the best in them, or the worst.

Truth is that everyone wants to be loved, listened too, understood unconditionally and without judgment.

So by learning new behaviors or approaches to give and show love and appreciation and the great benefits are having more loving and harmonious relationships.

The more love you give in the manner that a person can understand the more they can give back and be open to learning to give in the manner you understand.

It is a win win situation!

De Light Full Deborah

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Every path has its puddle.

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The Destiny cards are derived from an ancient system of divination. Its documented origins are rooted in the secret esoteric school known as the "Order Of The Magi". This school can be traced back to ancient Egypt, but many scholars of the system share in the knowing that it is more ancient and possibly from Atlantis. This ancient esoteric knowledge was encoded into the tarot and ultimately derving into what we refer to as common playing cards. Each card's number and suit originates from a complicated mathematical formula that integrates the knowledge of numerology, astrology and tarot systems.

A brief overview of the system is that each number and suit expresses a very specific energy and has a specific path to experience. The system directly relates to the solar calendar, the true cycles of life. The powerful mystical numbers 13 and 52 are in harmony with the rhythms of nature. The obvious connection is there are 52 weeks in a year, but less obvious is the connection of the 13 cards in each suit with the 13 lunar months in a year. As well as, 13 weeks in each season, and four suits for each of the four seasons. If you added the spots on all 52 cards, totaling 364! Then add the Joker --to make up the number of days in the year! As you can see, there's a lot more to our familiar deck of cards than the casual game!

Why This System Is So Unique...

I describe the system as integration of numerology, astrology and tarot. All you need to know is a person's date of birth. Which reveals their basic personality, inner-drives and conflicts, the nature in which they express them selves, how they interpret life, life lessons, past life karma, and potential to be realized in this life on each the Spiritual and mundane level of their lives.

All you need to know is a person's date of birth. Each day is assigned a Birth Card (BC) and a Planetary Ruling Card (PR) card which corresponds to the number and suit from a deck of common playing cards. The Birth Card (BC) and the Planetary Ruling Card (PR) Card are the two major cards that others can instantly reveal a wealth of detailed information about a person. It is very revealing of a person's personality and, ---their inner drives and values that unconsciously influence their choices.

The system also exposes past life connections and the nature of karmic influences to be encountered in this life. The cards give great details to reveal the purpose and direction for your "spiritual" and "mundane" or physical life's journey. Understanding your cards explains in great detail why you have chosen certain paths to follow and why certain people are in your life.

The Birth Card / Sun Card (BC)---is the "what" of your life and a symbol of your Soul's identity in this current lifetime.

The Personality (Planetary Ruling) Card (PR)--- tells the "how" in which you express yourself. The "how" we bring life to the "what" of our Birth Card.

The (PR) card we have great influence over, because we can choose as to what degree we actualize our potential --- Is our acting out of this card in harmony or is it in resistance.


Just by knowing someone's birthday will reveal a person's personality and natural tendencies of behavior. Those cards in relation with your own cards can reveal an immense amount of information. This system is called the "Love Cards" which reveals the nature of relationship connections that a card has with another. The kind of connection you have with that person and the purpose for them coming into your life. How deep and long that purpose can last.

Knowing what a person's fundamental motivations and inclinations are can reveal how harmonious a connection can be made. What the issues will likely be in your relationship, and their purpose in your life. It also reveals past life connections, If there is karma to receive or pay, and also explains an instant recognition and feeling of familiarity. Understanding the type of karmic connection you have with another can help you recognize potential unconscious influences that might entice you into an unhealthy dysfunctional relationship.

The Love Card connections can reveal the obstacles you will be faced with in a relationship and the insight in how to understand them better to have a more harmonious relationship that is inspiring and supportive. This simple but powerful and accurate system will point the way for more fulfilling relationships in every area of your life.

What I love about this system!...

What I love about the system is its amazing accuracy and insight into the make up of a person; what drives them, their basic nature, how they think, how they act, what their values are based upon or what predispositions they might have in their character. What their strengths and weaknesses are and how to develop or heal those traits in order to grow and thrive.

This is especially insightful when meeting and getting to know someone. Often when we first meet a new potential friend, mate, boss, roommate, business partner we are often shown the mask they wear or show the world which is not always their authentic self. After a few days, months, years or dates we begin to see a different picture or personality. If you understood their character and motivations from the beginning might it not have saved you some grief or possibly you might not have written that person off so quickly?

Knowing what numbers and cards a person has and their relationship to you can bring powerful knowledge. Does that person have the cards of your parents, family, other friends, or past loves or lives? That can be very revealing as to what it might be that you are attracted too, karma working on, patterns that keep cycling around and around in your life, repeated experiences that you have done and don’t want to do again but seem to keep attracting.

The Nature Of Relationships Revealed...

The system can inform you on the nature of compatibility for making: business associates, friendships, roommates, co-workers, lovers, and marriage partners. This will help you to better understand yourself and how you interact with other people. Understanding the inner drives and values of a person can help you better relate with them and release your expectations of them. Learning why you had problems with previous relationships will help you to avoid making the same mistakes over again. It can also free you from heartache that comes from trying to make a love connection when there is not enough common ground to support it. You can also discover the reasons why you are or were attracted to those you have been intimately involved in, giving you new and valuable insight into yourself. Learning how to communicate and interact better in your relationships will nurture and support more love and harmony in your life. This will greatly enrich your life by helping you to create more healthy and positive relationships. The information can reveal all aspects of your life: romance, career, money, family interactions, births, deaths, moves, travel, job opportunities, creativity and karmic past life influences, life challenges and paths, major relationships and opportunities.

It always amazes me how accurate and timely a person comes into my life because the cards show it to me. Understanding why a person is in your life and that maybe it isn't for ever can relieve a lot of inner tension and conflict. I personally have stopped trying to put square pegs in round holes because I see why they have arrived and when they are departing which frees me up to enjoy them for the moment.

Each Year Has A Different Potential...

The short version of this system is that each year of every card there is a particular layout of cards. The layout of a particular card is derived from a complicated mathematical formula that can accurately reveal the energy that can affect you during that cycle. Each year which is from birthday to birthday has 7 cycles of 52 days each. The seven cycles correspond to the planetary influences of: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. In addition to the 7 cycles are five other cards representing the energy throughout the year. The long range card --- reveals the theme for the year. The Pluto card represents the potential opportunities and challenges that will lead to personal transformation and the Result card which comes about at years end. The forth is the environment card which is a blessing card because it is energy easily attained. The last is the displacement card which is the viewpoint that you will observe life from and requires effort to obtain.

In addition to the 7 cycles are five other cards representing the energy throughout the year. The first is the long range card that reveals the theme for the year, a Pluto card that represents the potential opportunities and challenges that will lead to personal transformation represented as the result card that comes about at years end. The forth is the environment card which is a blessing card because it is energy easily attained. The last is the displacement card which is the reverse of the environment card and requires effort to obtain.

Each year which is from birthday to birthday, you get a new assignment or lesson determine by what card is in the layout position. Not only do these cards represent energy events, but other people and how influential they will be in your life for that year. What I love about the system is that it can give accurate time frames, and what area, how, and by whom your life will be impacted during a particular period or cycle. Some years are for spiritual endeavors while others are for more mundane pursuits. Having an understanding of what the year's focus is and the events or people that can instigate your transformation can release a world of pain and frustration. By knowing the energies cycles of potential opportunities and challenges that are available during a specific time and working with them, you can better utilize the cycle of energy that is available. you can create your life more consciously and have the opportunity to experience a lot more of what you want and a lot less of what you don't want. Many of my clients have found this to help them stop hitting their heads against the wall and become more present in the moment propelling them to evolve more gracefully.

The information can reveal all aspects of your life: romance, career, money, family interactions, births, deaths, moves, travel, job opportunities, creativity and karmic past life influences, life challenges and paths, major relationships and opportunities.


The cards talk to me. My interpretation of the cards is from a deep intuitive knowing of the system. Robert Camp once told me “You will have a totally different understanding and interpretation of the cards then me because you are the cards of the Magi that developed them.” I see different patterns and interactions that the cards inherently have that most don’t using his “Destiny and Love Card connections” system. I do use his program to make the calculations. I also have read and reviewed others who like Sharon Jeffery’s, Thomas Morrell and Florence Campbell have brought to the system too. As well as studied, astrology, tarot, numerology along with my gifts of a highly developed intuition, clairvoyance, and empathy to make the interpretations to answer the questions concerning you and we can work together to find a heartfelt solution to overcome the challenge you are dealing with.

This ancient system is multi layered and has so much information that every reading will be different. It can give insight and direction to most all situations challenging you in life as well as past life connections. It can help you activate dormant abilities achieve in other lives as well as talents and traits you have that can be used more efficiently and effectively. It can shed light on time frames and cycles that would support or deter what you want. The system can answer the most mundane questions as well as the most abstract and spiritual questions that only your Soul or higher self would know.


  • The Cards Of Destiny can reveal in great detail your destined purpose and life path.
  • Karmic Past Life Influences.
  • The information can reveal your highest potential and point the way to achieving the greatest fulfillment that a particular karmic pattern has to offer.
  • Knowing if you are in a cycle best suited for spiritual or mundane pursuits.
  • Yearly cards detailed information on what will happen, but will often tell you specifically the person with whom you will be involved!
  • You can prepare for upcoming events by knowing the nature of the 52 day energy cycles.
  • Optimize your timing by knowing if a cycle is better to initiate beginnings or endings.
  • Prepare for major transitions in your life. -unexpected life changes,
  • Understand influences that your major relationship's (friends, family, co-workers, lover's) will have in your life.
  • Why you have come together with a certain person.
  • The secret energies that attract you to each other.
  • How compatible you really are with them.
  • What the prospects are for staying together.
  • The chances that you will have a successful long term relationship or just a love affair.
  • Nature of past life connections.
  • If there is karma to receive or pay.
  • The hidden reasons behind the conflicts in your relationships.
  • See the karmic influences between family members to gain clarity about the roles they play with each other.
  • Gain better understanding of family dynamics in order to develop a healthier more loving manner to interact with them.
  • Understand what the lesson and reasons are for patterns in your life.
  • Realize unconscious drives or motives influence a person's life and behavior.
  • Get a different perspective on life to release emotional baggage and it's influence.
  • Recognize karmic past life relationships and the reason they are in your life.
  • Understand the dynamics of relationships in your life better.
  • Discover who, what and why a person is in your life.
  • Timing of births, deaths, travel, job opportunities, and moves.
  • Know what would be the best time to make moves or travel plans.
  • Look for possible marriages, divorces or secret affairs.
  • Alert you to hidden influences that are could potentially be deceiving or be harmful.
  • Know the timing that would have the best outcome for legal matters or real estate affairs.
  • Insights about your career --- job opportunities, or challenges.
  • Prepare for unexpected health, money or relationship disruptions.

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"And when the Seven Thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write, I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, 'Seal up those things, uttered by the Seven Thunders, and write them not."
"And I took the little book from the Angel's hand and devoured it: and to my taste it was as sweet as honey; but as soon as I had devoured it, it became bitter unto my inside."
"And he said unto me, you must prophecy again before many peoples and nations and tongues and kings."
Revelations X, verses 4, 10, and 11

And with this invocation, the Order of the Magi, an ancient fellowship of mystics, astrologers and priests of the temples of Egypt, were instructed to keep the knowledge of the Seven Thunders (the 7 planets) and the little book (the cards) secret until the time was right for man to know of their wonders.
In 1893 the very first book was published to reveal the secrets of our common playing cards, the little book of knowledge and prophetic wisdom. Now this system is available to all who would want to know the intricacies of their personal destiny. We call this system "The Cards of Your Destiny".
Excerpt from Robert Camp’s book ---