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"Not all who wander are lost."
-J. R. R. Tolkien

"The journey is the reward."
-Taoist Saying

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

-Henry David Thoreau

"In every man's heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of beauty."

Christopher Morley

Most people seek after what they do not possess and are enslaved by the very things they want to acquire.

Anwar El-Sadat

energy alchemist vibrational healer and author Deborah Eidson
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Visionary Adventurer Deborah Eidson...

"Transformational Therapy Is What I Do"...

Via phone My multi-dimensional perception perceives the energy in, around and attached to you, I connect with your Higher-Self, to access and search yor Akashic records, Etheric Templates and Blue Prints, Ascension Codes, Soul Directives on past, present , future and parallel life lines.

Revealing distortions in your energy field, aura subtle bodies as well as blockages in body mind spirit, energy enmeshments or energy knots from other people (ancestors, entities, descarnets, past life players, deceased friends or relatives, extra souls) who are or have been in your life. Thoroughly researching to find the original core or root cause of the issue influencing a present life situation: be it from erroneous thought forms, unconscious beliefs, past life connections, or karmic ties from Vows/ Agreements/ Contracts/ Promises/ Oaths/ Curses or what ever is causing the block of limitation or dis-ease in life. Revealing the core origin of the issue and doing a Soul re patterning resolves the issues disrupting your inner harmony, heals the distortion in your energy field, deepening alignment to Your Divine Sacred Source.
Soul Repatterning Energetically Clears / Heals /Aligns / Activates Ascension Code Frequencies infusing the Light body ...Stimulating A Multi-Dimensional Healing Response!!! An Amazing Process To Instigate Profound Life Changes!!!

Spiritual Clairvoyant intuitive empathic guidance and healings


Energy Frequencies to Activate Lightbody, DNA, Ascension Codes...Stimulating Multi-Dimensional Healing Response!!! Process To Instigate Profound Life Changes!!! enlightening insights to discover the root-causes of issues, beliefs, experiences and karmic patterns that originate from past, present and parallel life situations...HINDERING YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH! vibrational patterns lodging in the different bodies causing conflict in your life. transmutes the energy so you can become disengaged from the issue or pattern.

The layers and depths distorted must be cleared re-aligned to a new blueprint, directive Divine plan that will be for the highest good of the Soul's journey. I can facilitate your journey of Self-discovery. By illuminating the path into the darkest regions of your being, in order for you to consciously realize beliefs that are enslaving you, empowering you to embrace your fears and transform them into the light, fragmented parts to become reunited with your spirit.
Past Life Readings can also reveal the Karmic connections You have with others in your life. These insights and the healing process can clear the patterns to transform your relationships.

Providing Solutions for Life’s Challenges...
My service is to illuminate the path for others. I am a Mentor to many on the Spiritual path of self-discovery. People find me to be approachable, very non-judgmental, and truly compassionate, so they feel safe and supported to take an honest look at their life, relationships, career, beliefs, addictions, short comings, repressed feelings, and their deepest darkest fears and secrets.

My optimistic nature and infectious laughter is very disarming and encouraging. I am very sincere and thoughtful with my guidance to assist in discovering the answers that can heal, resolve and evolve you to a new level of awareness. I illuminate with insightful observations, from an eschewed perspective, touching you in a manner that you just might find yourself laughing and crying at the same time.

The information that comes through me stimulates awareness and insights that promote personal and spiritual growth, as opposed to making predictions that only gratify the personality.

Check out in more detail what the process is that I use to connect with your higher self. And how my intuitive insights can be a benefit for you to make decisions that transform your life to one you want to live!...

The information can reveal all aspects of your life: romance, career, money, family interactions, births, deaths, moves, travel, job opportunities, creativity and karmic past life influences, life challenges and paths, major relationships and opportunities. This reading can provide very accurate time frames for specific events. If you are seeking guidance to help you make a choice in your life, in the all areas of career, money, travel, romance, relationships
Destiny Card Love Connection Readings could be of great help. It can also reveal the personality of someone that has come into your life and the nature of the relationship and whether there is a possibility for it to develop or end. Knowing what a person's fundamental motivations and inclinations are can reveal how harmonious a connection can be made. What the issues will likely be in your relationship, and their purpose in your life. It also reveals past life connections, If there is karma to receive or pay, and also explains an instant recognition and feeling of familiarity. Understanding the type of relationship dynamics can help you recognize potential unconscious influences that might entice you into an unhealthy dysfunctional relationship.

My Book --Vibrational Healing Revealing The Essence Of Nature Through Aroma Therapy's Use Of Essential Oils.
How I Co-create With Essential Oils ---For Support and Nurturing Tool to Aide in Your Healing Process.
Review Deborah's Book Vibrational Healing! Revealing The Esssence Of Nature Through Aromatherapy's Use Of Essential Oils

...Providing Sustenance for Body, Mind and Spirit!

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The Experience of True
Acceptance and Loving of Self...
Appreciating the perfection of your journey... What was once shattered parts of self begin to refract a brilliance similar to that of a faceted diamond!!!
--- Thus The Alchemy Of Transformation...
Like the Intense Pressure Exerted on a Piece of Coal Evolving It Into a Diamond!!!

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